Responsible Gambling

CASA represents the industry sector which is the main contributor to the South African Responsible Gambling Foundation (SARGF), which delivers the National Responsible Gambling Programme (NRGP) and whose Board consists of an equal number of gambling industry executives and government regulators as well as the Executive Director, an independent director, and an independent Chair, Adv. Fana Johannes Nalane.

The SARGF is a public-private sector partnership which is incorporated as a non-profit company in terms of the Companies Act, 71 of 2008, as amended. It was founded in June 2000 and is acknowledged internationally to be highly effective, economical, amongst the most comprehensive in the world, and especially well adapted to the particular needs of all South Africans.
The NRGP includes the following programmes:

  • Treatment Programme
  • Industry Support and Mentorship Programme
  • Prevention Programmes

The SARGF is funded by voluntary contributions from the private sector which includes the casino, horse racing, bingo and Limited Payout Machines (LPM) industries. This comprises 0.1% of the gambling industry’s Gross Gambling Revenue (GGR) i.e. company winnings.

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